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Purcell's Fairy Queen, June 2011
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In conjunction with the opera, on 15 June, 2011 at Hunter College, New York, Big Apple Baroque hosted a one day inter-disciplinary conference:

Tell me Fairy, where's our Queen?
Politics, Performance and Propaganda in Purcell's London.

Bringing together leading historians, musicologists and performers, the conference will explore the world into which Fairy Queen was born and the research that informs Big Apple Baroque's production. The conference is open to ticket holders for Big Apple Baroque's Fairy Queen.

"This looks to be an important, timely and very attractive event, spanning performance and musical, cultural, political and even gender histories"
Professor Linda Colley
Princeton University

"I found your paper on Fairy Queen absolutely riveting. The argument you present strikes me as being entirely convincing and will change the way in which I listen to the work."
Tim Blanning
Emeritus Professor of Modern History
University of Cambridge, UK

"For far too long the disciplines of musicology and history have conducted themselves in isolation from each other. This admirable venture holds out the promise of growing harmony between them, or at least of some exciting counter-point!"
Professor Peter Marshall
University of Warwick, UK

Big Apple Baroque presents

Tell me Fairy: where's our Queen?
Politics, Performance and Propaganda in Purcell's London

a One Day Inter-disciplinary Conference

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 9:30am - 4:30pm
Lang Recital Hall at the Kaye Playhouse

Conference Agenda

9.30 Welcome

9.35 Overture The gig from The Gordian Knot Unty'd (BAB) - the bass is Lilliburlero, the tune that "chas'd James II out of three kingdoms"........


9.40 - 10.05 Fairy Queen in context: the future of the Restoration theatre. (Alan Fellows)

Politics and religion

10.05 - 10.35 Revival and Revolution in Purcell's London Dr. Brent S Sirota (North Carolina State University)

10.35 - 10.45 Panel comment

10.45 - 11.00 Coffee


3 short papers with musical illustrations by BAB (Issues: directly related to FQ)

11.00 Dr. Kathryn Lowerre Fairy Queen in context: Musical Courts, Kings and Queens on the London Stage

11.30 Dr. Amanda Eubanks Winkler at Syracuse (Thoughts on the duet between Coridon and Mopsa)

12.00 Dr. Andrew Walkling at SUNY Binghamton (Fairy Queen's Act V properly interpreted)

12.30 Panel discussion

12.45 Act Tune

12.50 Lunch


14.00 Dr. Ken Cooper - selections of Purcell's Keyboard music

14.30 The Fairy Queen in social context (Alan Fellows)

15.00 "Of the similarity between the Kingdom of the Fairies and the Papacy" Decoding the Politics of the Fairy Queen (Rachel Weil, Cornell)

15.30 Panel comment

15.45 Summary

16.00 Act Tune - Short Chaconne

16.05 End